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About us

                                                    Energetic 3D

Energetic is the first seller who sell PEI(Ultem 1000) sheet  as 3d printer surface in China.  Now we only sell PEI sheet and 3Dmax-PEI.

Now we released the latest 3d printer surface what is called 3Dmax-PEI and believe it's the best 3d printer surface in this world.   3Dmax-PEI(0.5mm spring stainless steel +0.125mm PEI).  The steel is one very special material, it's stainless steel but magnetic and flexible.   PEI is matte surface.

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Contact: Mozart Jiang

Phone: 18923742060

Tel: 0755-89664362

Add: Room 8103, Jinmaoyuan Building, Jinniu Western Road, Pingshan District, Shenzhen, China 518118

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