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How to get your 3d printed parts to stick to the bed and avoid warping

How to never again have problems with parts not sticking to the glass including the corners of the part.


2.Brim/Rounded corners(6:18)

3.Surface Prep(glue/tape)(7:26)


I've just started 3d printing with a Tronxy X3A, really enjoying it. Other than dealing with a warped bed (new bed & glass sheet coming) I haven't really had any issues once I get the bed level and height correct, but it's still useful to keep these tricks in mind for larger prints. I'm doing my first print with PETG filament at the moment, had to get the bed to 80c and wind up the extrusion rate before it'd stick, seems good now though (fingers crossed!). Only issue is I'm running the nozzle at 250c and it's not an all-metal hotend, so the teflon bowden tube is making some awful smelling toxic fumes that I'm trying not to breath, it's printing well though! :P I have an all metal hotend coming because I think I'll be printing with PETG a lot, it's really nice stuff. Subscribed.

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