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PEI works as expected for stock Anet A8 3D printer

customer reviews:

Applied easier than expected to my stock Anet A8 heatbed, no real issues with the adhesive and prints are still sticking wonderfully over 100 hours of printing later.

Beforehand, I had been having a heck of a time getting PETG to stick to my printing surface despite trying blue tape, glue, hairspray, and all the other home remedies found on printer forums. After coating my surface with PEI, I can now say that I haven't lost a single print to lack of adhesion. It really has been a massive QOL improvement compared to my previous setup.

Note: Since PETG has a history of over-adhesion to PEI, be sure to only clean the print bed with Windex or other similar window cleaner. If you use isopropyl alcohol for cleaning you'll end up with prints fusing to the print bed or taking chunks of the bed with it during removal, so be careful!

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