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Good stuff,PEI works well

customer reviews:

1.I've tried a number of different build surfaces over the past year and this has been the only one that actually worked. I've always had difficulty getting ABS to print and with this build surface it just worked right away. I did scuff it up with some 600 grit sandpaper as recommended and I had no problems getting the first layer to adhere. I print with a bed temperature of 100c in an enclosure and I get no warping and the bottom surface is nice and smooth. The part is also easy to remove once the bed cools.

2.Great PEI sheet, prints stick awesome until they are cool. When cool, a little prying with a thin flexible piece of metal and they pop right off.

A little thinner than I would ideally like but that's minor. They adhesive that comes with it is serious stuff, and a pain unless you are steady like a surgeon

3.I print exclusively in PLA. PEI with a bed temperature of 60C. Works amazingly well, when the bed cools down virtually no force needed.3M adhesive backing is easy to attach to the bed if you take some care. Clean with alcohol (ethyl best but isopropyl works as well) between prints.

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